US Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA.
The Recruit Training Memory Book
"The Anchor"
Your Webmaster, Dan Withers in Boot Camp, Company 412, September to December 1963.   There was a clear plastic 33 1/3 rpm record in the book. I have never played it.

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Generic Book Section

Cover Inside Front Left Inside Front Right Introduction  
History     Capt. William B. Wideman  
Brigade Headquarters Drum and Bugle Corp In Processing First Haircut Physical Checkup
Clothing Issue Physical Drill Physical Training Classification Indoctrination
TV Training   Ordnance & Gunnery   Firing Position
Firing Range Rifle Care Seamanship Boarding Terminology
Practical Factors Small boat Cargo Handling Damage Control Emergency Pump
Firefighting Open tank fire Gas Chamber Military training Marching
Drill with Arms Marching Primary Training Physical Training Volleyball
Rope Climb Survival Abandon Ship Swimming Instructions Ships Work
Food Preparation Balanced Meal Food Serving Lunch Scullery
Gear Locker Field Day Barracks Life Scrubbing Clothes Bag Layout
Bull Session Leisure Time Religious Life Recruit Choir YMCA Party
Recreation   Firefighting Food Navy Exchange
Visitors Morning Class Drill Training Recruit Picnic Recruit Leave
Graduation Awards Passing in Review REEE-PORT Honors
Flags Departure      

Company 63-412


K. W. Gottshalk, EN1 Company Commander

LTJG R.R. Spencer Battalion Commander

Ezequel S. Soriano Recruit Chief Petty Officer, Honorman


Adiao, Armando A. Philippines

Ballinger, Don E. Canby,OR

Boswell, Ernest C. Berwyn Heights, MD.

Cain, Robert R. Durham, NC

Carneal, Paul E. La Puente, CA

Cox, Russell L.  Seward, NE. 

Cribb, Ulmer W. Hemingway, SC

Cruit, Robert D. Hastings, NE 

Cunningham, Don D. Sutherlin, OR.

DeVlieger, Richard C.  Chicago, IL.

Duke, Samuel B. Randolph, AL.

East, William R. Pascagoula, MS.

Edwards, Elwood Jr. Bladenboro, NC.

Faust, Robert W. Goldendale, WA.

Gante, Vicente D. Philippines

Guild, Wayne A.  Canby, OR.

     Gulley, R. A.     Gallatin, TN.

Hand, Nicolas  H. Norfolk, VA.

Harger, John J. Jr. Santa Cruz, CA.

Henderson, Michael S. Tuscaloosa, AL.

Hininger, Delmar W. Jr. Bonner Springs, KS.

Jacinto, Jessie S. Philippines

Johnson, James J. Elmhurst, IL.

Jones, Leslie J. Fairfield, AL.

Kaylor, James L. Odessa, MO.

Kemple, Joel P. Alameda, CA.

Knighton, Drew M. Marion, NC.

Laney, Colvin C. Bishopville, SC.

Lang, Warren M. Oregon City, OR.

Larkin, Joseph F. Bordentown, NJ.

Laughead, Laurence T. Alexis, IL.

Lawhorn, Thomas E. Minden, WV.

Lechner, Ronald T. Redding, CA.

Lombardi, Philip A. Elmhurst, IL.

Meadows, Clarence L. Elk City, KS.

Miles, James B. Washington, D. C.

  Mineer, Boyd G.   Globe, AZ.

Monteleone, Barney J. Jr.    Mobile, AL.

  Nelson, Jimmy    Dallas, TX

Page, Danny A.  Sparta, TN.

Pettinger, Ronald L. Marine City, MI.

Porter, Charles E. Marianna, FL.

Prazeau, Michael F. Portland, OR.

Quick, Glenn A. III Lawton, OK.

Reyes, Feliciano B. Philippines

Riley, James E. Goldendale, WA.

Robertson, Kenneth W. Chesterhill, OH

Ros, Guillermo D. Philippines

Sacuyap, Dionisio G. Jr. Philippines

See, Robert R. Spokane, WA.

Seeley, Ronald A. Trout Lake, WA.

Shawver, William E. Fayetteville, WV.

    Sims, Richard       Argo, IL.

Smith, Leslie R. Goldendale, WA.

Sopher, Terry J.  Sibley. MO.

Steel, Barry C. Baltimore, MD.

Stone, Donald N. Goldendale, WA.

Stovall, John L. III Durham, NC.

Tabares, Eleuterio L. Philippines

Thompson, Robert E. Maryhill, WA.

Thompson, William R.  Goldendale, WA

Tolentino, Melencio P. Jr.    Philippines

Tugade, Antonio J. Philippines

Uy, Enrique L. Philippines

   Vanlandingham,     Nathaniel       Baltimore, MD

Vergara, Renato T. Philippines

Waje, Armando D. Philippines

Walters, Jerry J. Kansas City, KS

Wards, George C. Newport, WA

Wills, Roland S. Baltimore, MD

Withers, Dan L.  Salem, OR

Wright, T. I. Jr. Baltimore, MD