Final Fate


A very thoughtful Bill Johnson, USN (Ret.), sent us a copy of an official message and his first hand account from the Inactive Fleet Facility at Pearl Harbor. Bill set up the tow rig on her and was there when she left on her last underway. 

The USS Salvor towed her to the assigned position. Seal Team One installed the charges which sank her. 

The general location is 64NM NNW of the island of Kauai, Hawaii in the Barking Sands Missile Range.

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Stoddard sinking video clips.

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    USS Salvor with ex-Stoddard
(length 1 min:34 sec)
jpg (3464 bytes) Stern awash
(length 0:55)
jpg (6497 bytes)
Charges blowing
(length 1:00)
jpg (3220 bytes) Listing hard to port
(length 1:07)
jpg (6142 bytes)
(length 1:01)
jpg (3696 bytes) Last gasp..!
(length 2:27)
jpg (3527 bytes)
First close up pass around ship
 (length 1:25)
jpg (7052 bytes) USS Salvor fly by
(length 0:26)
jpg (4922 bytes)