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Officers of the Alumni Organization
  Thanks to everyone that attended this reunion. It turned out even more memorable than we expected. Your patience with late busses (open the hospitality suite again) and other surprises was appreciated. The many activities kept us all on the go. 

Give your new President the support he needs to make 2003 another success. We couldn't have made this happen with out the mentorship of those that went before us.

Dan & Glen

Co-President - Glen & Doris Balzer , ETR-3, 1965-66, Los Altos, CA.

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Co-President - Dan & Roxane  Withers, ETN-3 , 1965-66, Port Ludlow, WA.

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Secretary - Marilyn Harpster

Chaplin Pro-tem - Joe Harpster, MM-1, 1950-54. Galena, OH.

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Treasurer - Jay & Mary Lou Romack, YNSN, 1951-52. Indianapolis, IN.

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Your "elected" 2003 President - Paul and Rita Hanna, RD, 1959-62, Medford Lakes, NJ.

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