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Attendees Portraits

Before the Banquet, the group and individual portraits are taken for inclusion into this Annual Reunion Memory Book. 

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Altherr, Clemens and Corrine

Aron, Dan

Baetz, Jay and Helen
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Bailey, Frank and Mary Lou Balzer, Glen and Doris Bennage, Henry and Sheila
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Bergeron, Alfred and Marjorie Bill, Leroy and Grace Brooks, Ron and Marty
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Butler, Robert and Pat Byassee, Gerald and Angel Carlstrom, Verl and Carol
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Carns, Reid, Norma, Barbara Moody Carr, Samuel and Noran Clawson , Thomas and Carolyn
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Cobb, Al and Jeff (son)

David, Ed and Rosalie

Davis, Thomas and Joyce Pickens
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Duncan, Pat and Bill Elkins, Royce Frye, Ralph and Shirley
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Gerten, John Goodwin, Byron and Linda Goodwin, Bryon & Linda
Lambert, Brian & Linda
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Lambert, Brian & Linda   Grimm, Fred and Lynn Grindell, Clyde and Phyllis
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Hamby, Knox and Pat

Hanna, Paul and Rita

Harpster, Joe and Marilyn
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Harris, Charles Ray, Barbara, and Mallory

Heath, Victor and Bonnie

Henry, Allan
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Hoag, Robert and Caroline

Hughes, Richard and Ann Marie

Keel, Terry (right) and Peterson, Brad
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Koke, Delbert and Paullus, Art

Koke, Delbert Koonce, Jim
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Jones, Casey and Ann

Lee, Gary and Joyce

Liske, Paul and Diane
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Mahom, Joe and Karen Markey, John Martin, Leonard and Betty
287.JPG (48513 bytes) 304.JPG (49404 bytes) 244.JPG (60048 bytes)

Mason, Wayne and Louise

Merrill, Ray and Julie

Moore, Ralph and Sharon


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Morrell, Charlie and Cindy Morris, Max and Joyce Mosley, Frank and Diane
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Nemec, LeRoy and Marjorie Owen, Jack and Joyce Petersen, Brad (left) and Keel, Terry
272.JPG (50173 bytes) 256.JPG (58923 bytes) 246.JPG (40551 bytes)
Petren, Stephen and Janet

Plapp, Allan and Kathy

Prager, Stan and Lee
307.JPG (47106 bytes) 302.JPG (47237 bytes) 322.JPG (67694 bytes)
Raichle, Henry and Virginia Carver Rauh, John and Charlene Reynolds, Wes and Wilhemina
245.JPG (57423 bytes) 305.JPG (49784 bytes) 316.JPG (44890 bytes)
Rhinehart, Donald and Barbara

Riggs, Rick and Susan

Robinson, Joe and Jerilyn
228.JPG (43337 bytes) 227.JPG (63493 bytes) 224.JPG (65192 bytes)
Robinson, Neil Robbie and Charlene// Robinson, Neil Robbie and Charlene and family Roemke, Walter and Dolores
298.JPG (55660 bytes) 296.JPG (47145 bytes) 02140014.JPG (24866 bytes)
Rogers, Vernon Kaye and Teresa Romack, Jay and Mary Lou Sanborn, John
327.JPG (9534 bytes) 230.JPG (42389 bytes) 258.JPG (43513 bytes)
Schiffer, Victor Schuett, Bill Scram, Andrew
328.JPG (40698 bytes) 303.JPG (49389 bytes) 281.JPG (46205 bytes)

Shea, Irving and Helen

St Clair, David and Sandra

Stoyle, John and Phyllis  
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Swan, Bob and Eileen Tristan, Diego and Victoria Trotter, Jewel, David and Danny
286.JPG (71616 bytes) 251.JPG (33170 bytes) 315.JPG (37261 bytes)
Trotter, Danny and Missi Harris Ueber, William Vonderheid, George
324.JPG (53817 bytes)  308.JPG (52563 bytes)

Withers, Dan and Roxane

Wooden, Robert and Ruperta


There may have been a few of you that were omitted and I apologize, but we were lucky to get this much figured out. - Dan