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Memorial Service

The Shipmates that have passed in the preceding year are remembered at this event. This service was held on the Coronado Amphibian Base at the USN / USCG -Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument / Small Boat Display. 

This Memorial and Small Boat Display was initiated in September 1993. It was to identify all the brave men who paid the ultimate sacrifice with a dignified and honorable tribute for their service and country.

The Memorial's identification of KIA/MIA casualties will be recognized by the various units that they served within the US Navy (2558), US Coast Guard (7), US Army Mobile Riverine Force 2nd Brigade 9th Infantry (2583), US Army 458th Transportation Company (PBR) (1), and Australian Navy (8) that participated under the Operational Command of the US Navy within the War Zone parameters of the South East Asia Theater of the Vietnam War during the years 1960 to 1975.


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