Naval Schools Command, ET-A School
Treasure Island, CA.

After the "pre-school indoctrination" tour of duty as a "colonel of the urinal" (OE Division) and mess cook (Chiefs Mess) on the USS Estes, the date finally arrived for ETA School. 10 July 1964.

I know the 40 week school was great and it became  the foundation for my whole future in electronics and communications. Where else could a kid get the experience on sophisticated hardware so young. The only thing that really stayed with me was the times at the Ham Shack at Amateur Radio Station K6NCG. Although most of the faces cannot bring up a name, it was a great duty station during the time at school. It was a whole lot better than guarding the barrick or one of the island shorelines on a cold rainy winter night.

These photos are just scans of things I had in the photo album. My Mom saved everything, so there were a few to pick from. At that time my call was K7LNQ. My current call is WM7W.

Dan Withers
Port Ludlow WA

Teletype art Air view of Treasure Island Ham shack building Tower
Road to Shack Main gate from tower top Base from tower top Station intro sheet
Ham club meeting George Burton K7WWA (foreground) Dan background Dan's birthday party. A whoopin 19. More guys
Dan with cigar ? Generator Dan on racks in Barricks Collins S-line station
Dan on RTTY Station Work bench    

This is remotely related to this page. It is a newsletter from the Terminal Island ARC, in Long Beach, CA. I recall the shack was not at the LB Naval Shipyard, but off base at another Navy facility somewhere. I probably picked this us when on the Estes at the Shipyard.