Alumni Membership

2017 Officers of USS Stoddard Alumni Association

  John Rauh President
  Bill Melyan Treasurer
Carlene Rauh Secretary
  Allan Plapp Chaplain
  Marlane Brant Ships Store

Annual Membership Dues are $10

Many shipmates have inquired about former friends on the Stoddard. We need everyone’s service data (years, rating) to produce a complete directory.

So please complete a Membership Form and send it in. 

PDF of Membership Form

Email information not in database?
Please mail a completed PDF form or email the your information and we will update the USS Stoddard alumni database.

Besides the basic information, please tell us about your in-service experiences, after service life current hobbies and activities, how you learned about the Alumni Association or anything else you'd like to share.

Mail To: Carlene Rauh
4337 S. Hwy 51
Perryville, MO  63775
Make checks payable to:
USS Stoddard Alumni Association


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