How would you like to have an exact replica of the very ship that you were on, the USS Stoddard? If so, Read on...

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American Precision Models was founded by professional master model builders, Joe Tepedino and Arthur Weiner, in 1997. Our models are displayed in many maritime museums around the world, and can be found in the office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hollywood stars like John Travolta have been presented with models lovingly rendered by our master builders.

Sea Captains, Admirals, Helicopter Pilots, and German U-boat Captains alike have been astounded by the precise, handcrafted detail of the models they commissioned. This realism comes from a love of history and a dedication to honor the customer who takes pride in having served his or her country. 

ABOUT THE MODELS:  Each model is meticulously hand-crafted on an individual basis, each replica a unique, one of a kind collector's item. The scale is exact, the detail perfect. These models become family heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. We utilize a variety of materials, including wood, metal, resin, and plastic so that your replica is exquisitely reproduced down to the smallest detail (i.e.; photo-etched brass ladders and railings). 

After extensive research and consultations, the models are then expertly rigged and painted to exact blueprint specifications. Thus our motto: "The reward for quality work is the opportunity to do more. You may believe that such craftsmanship and dedication would be out of your price range, but many of our pieces are priced under $1,000! We speak your language. Fletchers, Submarines, Battleships, Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers, Wooden Tall Ships, All Landing Craft, etc. We are also specialists at recreating famous battle scenes in spectacular dioramas. We can literally put your ship in the water, or add special lighting effects if you want.

 Dear Mr. Withers, 

Thank you for your interest in our models. I'd like you to know that you won't be sorry for choosing us. No one makes models like we do. Our attention to detail and the precision of the model will make you weep and remember what your days on the USS Stoddard (DD-566) were like. 

What a co-incidence that you received our mailing. We'd be thrilled to have you place our material on your web-site. Thank you so much. We don't currently have a web-site. The site that you pulled up regarding buses is NOT us and ironically has the same name as us. I'm sorry for any inconvenience or confusion that this may have caused you. We CAN in fact build the USS Stoddard. 

The specifications of the USS Stoddard are as follows: Each ship is custom built per order, per customer and is an exact replica of the ship YOU were on. They are hand made individually per customer. They can be built from either wood (approximately 23-1/2" long), resin (approximately 15-18" long), or ABS styrene (approximately 14" long). YOUR choice. Each is a museum quality piece when finished and is quite an heirloom. 

Let me explain what you get. First, the detail will be exact. We work from plan sheets from the actual shipyards. Second, it will be in exact scale of your choice as mentioned above. These are good scales we work in because they show extreme detail without being too large. We will use all photo etched metal brass for all of the fittings, railings and ladders. We will also use metal on other applicable parts. She can be painted in any scheme you want. Normally we do measure 22 but it can be anything you like. You will also have it mounted on a solid wood base with an acrylic cover. We will also make a plaque and you can tell us what you want us to have engraved on that plaque. And last but not least, we will pay for the shipping and handling from us to you. It will be hand made just for you. All of these are done one of a kind. Nothing is on the shelf. We build one at a time, one time to perfection. Our motto is "The reward for quality work is the opportunity to do more." 

We have no ships sitting on shelves collecting dust. We build exact replicas of the ship that you were on and that you order. You can either write me back, or call us directly at (718) 415-9862, which ever is more convenient for you. You can also provide us with your phone number and we can call you back at a time that is convenient for you. 

If you're interested, the ABS model will cost $800, the resin model will cost $1,100 and the wood model will cost $1,800. The resin is the most commonly requested material. We require a 50% deposit prior to commencement of work and the balance is due upon the completion of the ship. The approximately build time is 90-120 days from the time we receive the deposit. If there is some sort of deadline that you need to meet, we will make our best efforts to work with you in meeting your deadline. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Please keep in mind that we can build any configuration that you would like (square bridge, round bridge, etc. and it will look exactly like the USS Stoddard as it was when you were on it.) I'm attaching pictures of our work (unfortunately we don't have a picture of the USS Stoddard that we've done but these are pictures just to show you the quality of work that we do). 

This would be a gift of a life time and quite an heirloom to pass on for generations to come. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely & Respectfully, 

Karen Profenna
American Precision Models
718 415 9862



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Carrier with aircraft Gearing Class Underway in water
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USS California