ALUMNI  -  E thru G. 

Eggert, Duane S.  (Delores)
109 Garnet Avenue
Melrose, MN 56352-8101
Tel: 612-786-7248

Eibert, G. William   
309 Hensle Drive
Shepherdstown, WV 25443
Tel: 304-876-1377; Fax: 304-876-2231
Stoddard: 61-63; Rating: Lt. jg.

Eichor, Robert J
2930 Ladera Dr
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
Served 56/58 Rating GM2

Eitel, Harry
IL {Deceased}

Elkins, Royce J.
RR 4 Box 269B
Gatesville, TX  76528-9313
Tel: 254-494-0201
Rating: HMSN
Stoddard: 58-61

Ellis, Robert
956 Cooper Anderson Rd.
Jackson, TN 38305
Tel: 731-422-4864
Stoddard: 59-62; Rating: EM2

Emley, Michael
20036 FM463
Devine, TX 78016
Served 58/60, Rating: SN

English, Joe  
2440 Union
North Bend, OR  97459
Tel: 541-756-1854
Stoddard: 67-69; Rating: BT1

Erway, John E.   (Sheryl)
6213 E. Inglewood St.
Mesa, AZ  85205
Tel: 602-854-8866
Stoddard: 62-66; Rating: BT

Estes, William C.
1151 Lorraine Drive
Redding, CA  96002
Tel: 916-378-0594
Service: 41-45
Stoddard: 44-45; Rating: TM2

    I served on the USS Ellet (DD398) from June 1942 to September 43 - the ship was in six enemy engagements. Then I served on the USS Stoddard, putting her in commission. Some of the things that I remember about the Stoddard are the frequent drills, including the use of a crowbar to get the dept charges to roll out of the racks, having trouble walking on the icy deck on the dark early mornings at Adak, a loose depth charge that rolled back and forth across the fantail in a storm, during attacks by suicide planes off Okinawa, Capt. Unmacht explaining his plan to have the five inch open first and the smaller guns later to lessen the amount of tracers, and of me telling a man in CIC that we were "at it hot and heavy."

Etherington, George
2712 So 6th St
Elkhart, Indiana 46517
Served 65/68 Rating FTG3

Etter, Daniel R.
186 Crest Avenue
Holts Summitt, MO 65043
Tel: 573-896-8337
Stoddard: 57-60; Rating: TMSN

Eubanks, Dean
PO Box 308
Beulaville, NC 28518
Tel: 910-298-4403
Stoddard: 60-61 Rating: SM1

Ewers, Charles
4515 Las Vegas Blvd
Building 74 Apt 2020
Las Vegas, Nevada 89115
Tel: 702-561-7521

Faircloth, John
N26 W 30280 Maple Ave
Pewaukee, WI 53072
Tel: 414-915-7848
Rating: TM3

Fairfield, Leonard G 
E-amil: len
Stoddard: 65-67; Rating: MM 

Faktor, Bob
333 Holly Creek CT - Apt 201
The Woodlands, TX  77381 (deceased summer 2000)
E-mail: (Son)

Fantauzzi, Rudy
143 Beverly Hills Terrace Apt. 6
Woodbridge, NJ 37095
Stoddard: 51-54

Farel, George
406 Littles Ct
Valentine NE 69201
Tel: 402-376-1080
Served 59/60 Rating TMSN

Featherston, Arthur Bud (Gerrie) (son Mitch)
3558 Pine Needle Dr SW
Marietta, GA 30008-5741
Tel: 770-436-8590
Rating: GM3
Stoddard: 1950-54 (deceased 1993)

[E-mail received 05-24-01]
Could you please tell me if you have any information or records for a Arthur "Bud" Featherston? e served on board the Stoddard from 1950 to 1954. He was a Gunner's mate from Indiana. Mr. Featherston passed away in 1993. If you could tell me if anyone involved with your organization knew Mr. Featherston, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am his youngest son.

Thank you,
Mitch Featherston

Feezel, Lawrence G.   (Annabelle)
21216 S. 158th Street
Chandler, AZ  85249-9345
Tel: 602-988-2981

Stoddard: 64-66; Rating: BT

Felty, Hugh
11925 Raben RD
Mt Vernon, Indiana 47620
Tel: 812-838-2605
Served on Stoddard 60/62 - SMSN {Signalman Seaman}
No email

Fender, John W.
Stoddard: 65-67: Rating: S2C

Fetters, James
13987 N. McGee Rd.
Catlin, IL 61817
Tel: 217-427-5861
Rating: BMSN

Fickenworth, Joseph
107 Honeybrook Cir W
Girard, PA 16417
Served 54/58 Rating SO2

Fifarek, Gerald T
301 Anderson Ave
Joliet, IL 60433
Tel: 815-723-2692
Served 60/63 Rating BT2

Finck, Henry A
170 Birch St
Blue Eye, MO 65611
Tel: 417-779-3820
Served 54/57 Rating SO3

Findley, Jerome L
2618 Teakwood Dr
Hephzibah, GA 30815
Tel: 706-796-0851
Served 60/61 Rating MRFN

Firebaugh, Charles
806 Geoffrey St
Staunton, VA 24401-4854
Tel: 540-886-8925
Served 56/57 Rating FTCS
Commissioned LTjg May 1962-retired LCDR

Fitzgerald, Dave  
42 Melrose Park
Norwich, CT  06360
Tel: 314-937-6705

    I asked permission to come aboard near the end of 1967.  I was placed in the first division where my first duty was to fight for a rack.  I eventually got the rack saying to myself what kind of #*!"* ship is this.  It wasn't long before I knew I was wrong.  It was like a welcome aboard bout, not realizing it myself at the time of arrival.

    Later I went to become a gunner's mate 2nd division. Proud to be aboard the 566, but more so being a GM.  The chance was there to be part of the actually firing of the 5"38's or the 3"50's and the handling of all other small arms.  We all did our share, but I just felt that was where I belonged.  Later I went on to learn a lot more about my classification through the help of my fellow shipmates.

    After coming back from the Westpac cruise where my next destination was -- a transfer to shore duty in Vietnam.  I received my transfer in no time at all:  they were taking all volunteers.  Off I went to training school and then a full year of duty and later discharged from DaNang to home.

Fix, Robert J
612 14th St SE
Minot, ND 58701
Tel: 701-839-7130
Served 66/67 Rating SN

Fleeger, Leon
1112 Brick-N-Wood St
Lafayette, IN  47909
Tel: 765-474-9555
Stoddard: 59-63; Rating: SM-2

Flora, Richard O
12408 Hanley Dr
Spring Hill, FL 34608
Tel: 352-666-8645
Served 56/58 Rating FTC {deceased}

Flynn, Neil
4509 NW 45th St
Tamarac, Florida 33319
Tel: 954-485-1605
Served 54/55 Rating MM3

Folsom, Robert E
1405 6th St
Woodland, CA 95645
Tel: 530-662-7763
Served 59/60 Rating EN2

Fontana, Frank - Deceased Sept, 2002 
c/o Gina Fontana
308 Chardinnay
Clayton, CA 94517
Tel: 925-673-0920
Stoddard: 59-61; Rating: SM3 59/61
no email 

Frank passed away due to congestive heart failure Sept 2002, but I had written to him about our annual reunions and according to daughter Gina, she read the letter I had written to him, and he was happy, but too weak to respond to the letter, so she ask that she be put on our mailing list and put his name on the alumni list and TAPS as well. She wants to know what is going on with our group.

Fontanier, Chuck
210 W. Greens Road
Houston, TX 77067
Tel: 281-872-7676
Stoddard: 68-69


Foote, Billy
5895 Wallace Rd
Salem, OR 97304
Tel: 503-588-6951
Served 56/57 Rating MM3
no email

Forest, David L
5302 State Route 67
Kenton, OH 43326
Tel: 419-673-1329
Served 57/59 Rating RD3

Fortuno, Anthony
12520 E Buena Vista Dr
Galveston, TX 77554
Tel: 409-737-2899
Served 51/55 Rating RD1

Fortier, Jr., Cyrille A.
Rating: SN {Deceased 1985}

Foster, Eldon
3650 Baptist Park Road
Festus, MO  63028
Tel: 314-937-6705

Foucher, Francis  {Deceased}
Lynn Foucher-Daughter
2805 SE Lela Ln
Port Orchard, WA 98367
Tel: 360-895-2452
Served 56/58 Rating FN

Fowler, Charles G.
Stoddard: 59-60

Frank, Adair C. (Ginny)
124 Stetson Park Dr.
Deland, FL 32720
Tel: 904-734-7550
Stoddard: 43-50 Rating: BTG3

Frankovic, Albert
13 Lilac Lane
Latham, NY 12110
Stoddard: 51-53: Rating: BTFN

Frazier, Ronald S (Raylene)
1105 Clinton Street
Plattsmouth, NE 68048
Tel: 402-296-6271

Frazier, Howard R. (Shirley)
Rt. 3 Box 369A
Warsaw, MO 65355
Stoddard: 54-56; Rating: FF

Fredricks, Jim   (Camy)
11283 Calle Jalapa
San Diego, CA  92126
Tel: 858-693-0568
Service: 58-78
Stoddard: 58-62; Rating: SR-SN

Freed, David H.
209 West 5th Avenue
Garrett, IN  46738
Tel: 219-357-5741
Stoddard: 66-67; Rating: IC3

I was on the Stoddard as a ICFN when we were off the coast of North Vietnam and was hit by coastal gunfire in 1965/1966. There was Randy Luther 2nd Class and Marv Huss 1st Class and Howard Dobbins another ICFN. I have kept in touch with Bill Geisecke who lives in Idaho, I believe. Bill is a avid supporter of those reunions. Doubt if I will make it to the reunion but I still have the cruise books to fondly reminisce.

Freeman, Richard H
5 Julians Way
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Served 51/54 Rating MM2

Freitus, Joseph
399 Fairway Lookout
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Tel: 757-564-3938
Rating: SN

Frerker, Jerome J. (Elizabeth)
1021 N 17th St
Belleville, IL 62226
Tel: 618-233-3178
Stoddard: 54-55 Rating: PN3

Fry, Ralph (Shirley)
32470 Wisconsin Avenue
Livonia, MI  48150
Tel:  734-261-7968
Stoddard: 52-53, Rating: SK2

Funk, Leslie H. (Marilyn)
299 Mill Road, Suite 2103
Etobicoke, ON  M9C4V9
Tel: 416-620-5293
Service: 54-62
Stoddard: 54 Dec - 57 Sep; Rating: RD3

    I was assigned to the Stoddard in December 1954 and went aboard in Pearl Harbor along with Robert J. Dinco, after "boots" at Great Lakes. We were in the 2nd Division deck force. After a tour of duty in the aft head, I graduated to the boat crew. One day while sewing leathers on port side life lines, I notices shipmates coming out from a compartment under the bridge. Their dungarees showed no signs of red lead, haze or deck gray, shoes were shined and hats white! I knew I must find our what these mates did! The port side of that compartment had a port hole, I looked inside to find some men sitting in the dark and watching round lighted machines, some with radio phones on, I immediately thought "this sure looks better than re-fueling by hi line, scraping and painting, running liberty and stores boats at all hours, sweeping and swabbing, and bridge watches! " A few weeks went by and I got to know Carmack RD-lst, who was most helpful and to whom I am grateful, as I soon became a Radar man striker. Others that encouraged and helped me team were CR McAllister, RD Greene and R Pickford, to name a few.

    Memorable moments, even after 40+ years, were working with Lt. Cdr. Mortar on off-shore bombardment. I would plot range and bearing from surface search to DRT and he would direct fire control. We did our part to earn the Battle Efficiency (E) with a hash mark for 2 years in a row, much to the disappointment of the Braine, Isherwood and Mullany. Other memories include evacuation of the Tachen Islands followed by a "Well Done" from President Eisenhower when the job was completed. The many weeks of Formosa patrol with endless hours of 4-on 4-off watches, and the occasional GQ with the announcement over the bitch box "This is not a drill! " And of course the many ports of call each with their own memories, some repeatable, others to be recalled only with shipmates who were there!

    In September 1957 I left the Stoddard in Yokosuka, Japan to board the Yorktown bound for Alameda and release from active duty at Treasure Island. After release, I completed a Bachelors degree with the help of the GI Bill. In 1961 I started working insurance claims. April 1962, the 9th Naval District issued a recall of us Reservists but my 8 year obligation was up in 45 days, thereby missing the recall and Vietnam. I went on to work in insurance, real estate and real estate development until three heart attacks and two heart surgeries put an end to that. Here in Canada, I worked with Chrysler Canada in wholesale parts until 1994 when I was fortunate enough to retire. Doesn't pay well, but sure is fun! Marilyn will take her early retirement next year. Marilyn and I send you our greetings! Wish we could be at the Reunion! Our two daughters live in Kansas, our lifelong home until 11 years ago when we had to move to Canada so I could have healthcare. I am one of the many that cannot get health insurance in the US, so looks like we'll be up here 'til Medicare kicks in. My best wishes to all the Alumni, and a moment to remember all those departed - lest we forget.

Futch, Ron  
8562 Forum Drive
Houston, TX  77055
Tel: 713-461-5529
Stoddard: 66-67

Gaines, Frank G.
25 River View Dr
Auburn, WA  98002
Tel: 253-939-6580
Stoddard: 55-56 Rating: EMSN

Galloway, Billy
6615 5th Dr NW
Marysville, WA 98271
Tel: 360-659-7508
Served 60/61 Rating EM2

Galloway, Chester
1093 Pond Run
Stout, OH
Tel: 740-858-5448

Gardner, Suel F. (grandson Joseph)
PO Box 161
Worth, MO 64499
Stoddard: WW2 (deceased 7-23-00)
Served 44/45 Rating SM3

    [ Email 06-04-00 from Dan Gardner ]
    My father served on the USS Stoddard from the beginning as petty officer 3rd class. Suel is suffering from lung problems now. He is 73 years old. Mr. Gardner was in WW2 and served only on the Stoddard. Thanks, Dan Gardner

Garofalow, Frank
22031 Robin St
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Served 1958 Rating YN3

Garro, Arthur (deceased 6-9-03)
1225 NW Nye St
Pullman, Washington 99163
Tel: 509-332-8566
MM2/C  58/62

Garro, Steven L. - (deceased 1995)
Stoddard 61-64
Brother to Arthur above 

Garro, John E. (Dec 1997)
Service 1962-?

Gary, Slinker D.
Rating: MDivAER {Deceased 1991}

Gearhart, Jr., Harry R.
871 Knob Hill Rd.
Fayetteville, PA 17222-9728
Tel: 717-352-3866
Rating: CS2

Gebert, Howard    (Edna)
5053 Xerxes Avenue So.
Minneapolis, MN  55410
Tel: 612-926-8978
Stoddard: 50-54; Rating: SO2

Gerten, John  
9805 S. 248th, Apt. A-8
Kent, WA  98031
Tel: 253-813-8825
Service: 64-91
Stoddard: 66-67;  Rating: TM3 Ret'dTMC

    I joined the Naval Reserve in September 64 in Austin, Texas. I was a junior in high school. Went to boot camp company 5089 28 Dec. 64, and served on the USS Halsey Powell DD686 for two weeks. Upon high school graduation I was sent to US Naval Advanced Undersea Weapons School, Key West, Florida for Class (A) TM School. I returned to US Naval Reserve Center in San Angelo, Texas to wait for orders to active duty. I had graduated in the top 10% of my A School so I took and passed the TM3 E4 exam and was sent to NAVSTA San Diego. It was there in July '66 that I reported to the USS Stoddard (DD566).

    I was on the Stoddard for her 66-67 West Pac Cruise and got to see some action during Operation SEA DRAGON. During this operation the Stoddard fired over 5,000 rounds of ammunition and was under shore battery fire seventeen times. During one engagement, the ship received a direct hit and minor shrapnel damage while attempting to rescue a downed pilot. After completed this cruise and returning to San Diego in a few weeks I was transferred to the USS King (DLG10).

    The King deployed for West Pac immediately and I spent another six months off the coast of North Vietnam. After completing this cruise we returned to San Diego where I was released from active duty 31 May 68 to report to the Naval Reserve Center in Phoenix.

    I continued my Naval career in the reserves in Phoenix where I served on the USS Cunningham (DD752), USS Bridget (DE1024) and the USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD896). In Sept 76 I transferred from the reserve center in Phoenix, Arizona to the reserve center at NAS North Island because I lost my billet in Phoenix. I lost the billet due to being advanced to TM1 and so I had to find a new billet and became an Air-Lifter and flew to San Diego once a month for my drills. I retired on 1 July 1991 as TMC. I joined the Tin Can Sailors in 1998 and that is how I found the USS Stoddard Alumni Association.

Ghrames, William 
2647 113th Ave
Allegan, Michigan 49010
Tel: 616-673-7404
Stoddard: 56-59; Rating: BT3

Gibson, Douglas B
503 Lake of the Woods Dr
Venice, FL 34293
Served 57/60 Rank LTjg

Giesecke, William (Zeke) H.  (Cathy)
PO Box 3159
Boise, ID  83703
Tel: 208-362-7655
Stoddard: 66-69; Rating: STG3

    While on Stoddard, I was part of the ASW team, stood sonar watches and my GQ station was in Mt. 52's handling room and later on in the Main Battery Director crew and Rangefinder operator. I was also the ship's Photographer, and took ID photos, cruise book shots, and some intelligence photos. After active duty, I joined the Navy Reserve and was assigned to a submarine support unit, USS Hollister (DD 788), IUWG-1, and COMNAVSURFPAC, before transferring to the Army reserve as a Small Arms repairman, then joined the Air Force Reserve in 1989 as a Combat Arms Instructor. I'm currently a MSGT with the Air Force and will retire in 2004.

Gilbert, Donald 
Rte 1 Box 128B
Donna, Texas 78537
Tel: 956-464-3037
Stoddard: 58; Rating: ENFN 

Glen - Thanks for contacting me. I don't know just what to do. I was aboard the Stoddard in 1958 and made a cruise on her. I don't have the exact dates and things are a little hazy now I left her while she was in dry dock in Vallejo Calif. I was not what you might consider a model sailor or shipmate. I wanted off the destroyer fleet and off the West coast and was willing to do what ever was necessary to attain that goal. I went AWOL and stayed gone for a while and turned myself in on the East coast to attain my goal. It worked to a point. I was on the East coast but not out of the destroyer fleet.

I was in the engineering division aboard the Stoddard as an ENFN and served in the engine rooms and boiler rooms as well as where ever I was needed in the engineering force. I am dying from asbestos exposure that I came in contact while on the Stoddard and three other WWII vintage ships. I was looking for shipmates that might help me provide proof of this exposure because VA. has turn down my request for compensation saying that my records were destroyed in a fire in St. Louis, Mo. in 1973.

I am interested in the reunions but not sure that my health will permit such a journey. Thanks again.

Gilchrist, William G.   (Kimijo)
762 Caravel Lane
Foster City, CA 94404 (dec. 3/2/00)

Gillogley, Jr., John  {deceased}
Stoddard: 60-66

Gillpatrick, David
P.O. Box 114
Quanah, TX 79252
Rating: FN

Glasco, Larry D
4330 S 2450 W
Roy, UT 84067
Tel: 801-731-2913
Served 58/60 Rating FN

Glasser, Bernard W.
187 Beal Street
Trenton, NJ 08610
Tel: 609-586-0276
Stoddard: 52-53; SN

Gleason, Ken  (Sherry)
2624 Walnut Lane
Plano, TX  75075
Tel:  972-867-1645
Stoddard: 68; Rating:  BT2

Gleason, Larry  
Stoddard: 58-61

Glenzer, Kenneth A
20135 !4th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98198
Tel: 206-870-3447
Served 57/58 Rating RD3

Goan, Hubert  (Joan)  
4557 MerriMac Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32210 (deceased)
Tel: 615-674-2746
Stoddard: Korea

Goddard, Albert W 
11543 S Mona Ave
Yuma, Arizona 85367
Stoddard:57/58 Rating: RM-1

Gold, Robert A
5707 45th St East Lot # 24
Bradenton, Florida 34203-5531
Tel: 941-739-8006
Served 54/56 Rank LTjg

Gonzalez, D. 
Stoddard: 60-63 Rating: E3

Good, Lawrence
119 Walnut Woods Dr
Wheeling, WV 26003
Tel: 304-242-1075
Stoddard: SN 56/58

Goodell, David
San Diego, CA 

Goodnight, Billie Joe
12284 West 81st St
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Tel: 918-224-6588
Stoddard: 62-64; Rating: ET2

Goodwin, Bobby
2409 21st St
Snyder, Texas 79549
Tel: 325-573-5774
Served 1959 Rating MM3

Goodwin, Byron D. (Linda)
15635 Gettysburg Drive
Tomball, TX 77377
Tel: 832-717-4931
Stoddard: 58 May-62 Jul; Rating: RD2

Goose, Norman W
1405 Laurel Dr.
Northfield, OH 44067
Tel: 330-467-9208
Stoddard: 55-57; Rating: SN

Gossman, Frank (Fern)
P.O. Box 297
Cove Arkansas 71937
Served on Stoddard 59/63: Rating: GMC (deceased 2000)

Gordon, H. G.
11314 Woodcrest Dr. SE
Huntsville, AL  35803
Tel: 205-883-7190

Gorman, Philip (Ann)
25638 Lilac Court
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Tel: 239-948-8559 
Service: 51 Feb - 54 Mar
Stoddard: 51-54; Rating: BTF1

Married in 1963, have three children - David who is a lawyer in Steubenville, Ohio, Deanna who is in customer service in DeLorme mapping, Danie who works for Maine Medical Center. I am retired from Thomas Laughlin division of American Hoist & Derrick, in 1995 as a machinist. While stationed aboard the Stoddard I made two trips to the Mediterranean and the overhaul at the Boston shipyard.

Graham, James B.
562 Fox Meadow Road
Rochester, NY  14626-3143
Tel: 716-225-4279
Stoddard: 9/59-6/62; Rating: Ltjg

Graham, Robert 
1233 N. Randall Avenue
Janesville, Wisconsin 53545
Rating: PO2

His rank at departure from the Stoddard was Second Class Petty Officer (he was Boatswain Mate as well). He served on the Stoddard from the time she was commissioned in Seattle (July, 1944) to being disembarked in the Philadelphia Naval Yards following the war. He then was shipped to Galveston for APV, then to New Orleans where he was discharged.

Graves, Charles (Chuck)
7154 W. State St., PMB 167
Boise, ID 83703-2221
Tel: 208-462-3834
Stoddard: 61-64; Rating: RD2

Graves, Kent
Rt 1 Box 6A
Healy, KS
Tel: 316-398-2317
Stoddard: 67-69

Gravener, Danny
721 Gold St
Kingman, AZ 86401
Tel: 928-303-5910
Served 66/68 Rating RD3

Gravener, Jack
Served 65/69 Rating MM2

Greene, Clifton
7817 Suburban Ln
Bridgeview, IL 60455
Tel: 708-594-9586
Rating: RD2

Greenlee, James P.
251 Henry Spangler Road
West Monroe, LA 71292
Tel. (318) 397-1812
FAX (318) 325-7001
Stoddard: Jan 67-June 67 Rating: RD1

  Picked the Stoddard up in Subic Bay in January.
Left in June for discharge.)
Year's service January, 1960 to June 9, 1967. 
Served aboard three tin cans off of Vietnam.

Gregor, Robert F.
523 Wexford Drive
Grand Prarie, TX 75052

Gregorie, Richard
2021 Ted Hines Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Tel: 850-877-0357
Served 62/63 Rating SOG3

Grell, Mrs. Clinton V.   (Adele)
826 Firefly Drive
San Antonio, TX  78216-3048
Tel: 210-341-2068  (deceased)
Service: 44-54
Stoddard: 44-46 WWII PO widow; Rating: Lt. jg.

    CIC Officer (radar and radar divisions) USS Stoddard March 1944 to April 26, 1946.  Civilian occupation of Life Insurance Sales since 1950, now retired.

    Wife Adele and four sons. Lived in San Antonio since 1948; grew up in Hondo Texas, 40 miles west of San Antonio.  Graduate of University of Texas / Austin.

Gress, Roger
513 Sanford Ave.
Richland, WA  99352
Tel: 509-946-0369
Stoddard: 63-64; Rating: GMG3

Grimm, (S), Fredric O. (Lynn)
22 Wood Berry Drive
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
Tel: 740-392-6211
Rating: PN2

Grimm, Terry Dale
1508 Carlisle Ct
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Tel: 405-848-7456
Served 65/68 Rating SM2

Grimm, Thomas W
63940 E 250 Road
Grove, OK 74344
Served 59/62 Rating RMSN

Grindell, Clyde N.   (Phyllis M.)
PO Box 264
Dennisport, MA 02639
Tel: 508-398-5577
Service: 51-53
Stoddard: 52 Jan - 53 Dec; Rating: ET2

    After leaving the Navy I went to work for New England Telephone Company in 1954 and retired after 29 years in 1984. Retiring as Project Engineer Microwave. My wife and I purchased my family owned RV park and have been running it for 15 years. Our daughter has taken over management and we are mostly retired at this time. We have 3 children Gary, Bruce, and Cheryl, 5 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson as of 1998.

Gross, Phillip - (deceased)
Jacksonville Florida
Stoddard: 57/58  SO3 

Gryzan, Leo C.
606 Bayberry Pointe Dr. NW #A
Grand Rapids, MI  49544-4694
Tel: 616-453-5726
Stoddard: 44-45 Rating: GM

Guevara, Lirio  
13912 Tennant Road
Macdoel, CA  96058
Tel: 530-398-4030
Stoddard: 53-55

Guhde, Jerry (Mose) D.
Stoddard:68; rating: RM2

Gulley, Winston
P.O. Box 227
Grand Bay, AL 36541
Tel: 251-865-3871
Served 56/59 Rating BT2

Gunderson, John
2317 Old Ranch Road
Escondido, CA  92027
Tel: 619-540-6904
Stoddard: 60-61; Rating: EM3

Gusse, Norman SN 55/57
1405 Laurel Dr
Northfield, Ohio 44056
Tel: 330-467-9208
Stoddard: 55-57 Rating: SN

Gunter, Bud
Clearbrook (dec. 3/16/00)