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Qually, Dean L.
102 Summit
Bloomfield, NJ  07003-3866
Tel: 973-748-1849
Stoddard: 51-54; Rating: QM2

Feb 14, 2004

My dear Marilyn,

Happy Valentine's Day, and many more of them,

Thanks again so much for my latest Stoddard Newsletter. With all my artistic activities I have no time for an email newsletter, but I'm willing to increase my dues to cover the cost. Let me know. Joe looks like he could crawl inside the Jersey's 18" barrel!

As you know by this time I continue to miss our great Reunions, due to arthritis. When I was a Subcontract Administrator (over 30 years) I used to fly into Chicago on my way West to negotiate contracts for classified military material.

I was saddened by our NEWSLETTER because Page 2. announced the passing of Daniel S. Smart QMSN, who was an excellent, and very personable "striker" of mine. I have many warm thoughts concerning Danny and our time together on the Stoddard's bridge. In the book I sent you some time ago, A Picture Story of The USS Stoddard (DD 566), Mediterranean Cruise - Summer 1953. there are two photos of Danny:
     The Lucky Bag - Danny (on the left) is using our 12" signal light to receive a flashing light message, recorded by Clarence Cole QMSN.

     - Two pages later (on the right) Danny is recording an incoming message for Richard J. Frank QMSN.

We truly had a wonderful crew at all levels.

Alongside Danny's name appears Robert L. Yon, whose son mentions a poem that's read when we sailors are buried at sea. I own a library from which I may be able to help. This book may contain the poem Mr. Yon is thinking about. The book is entitled, In Praise of Sailors, A NAUTICAL ANTHOLOGY OF ART, POETRY, AND PROSE, Compiled and Edited by HERBERT W. WARDEN, III. On page 208, the poem is called Burial at Sea, by Henry Howard Brownell. ISBN 0-8109-8082-7.

The first and last quatrains, read:

Blue gulf all around us.
     Blue sky overhead
Muster all on the quarter,
   We must bury the dead!
Blue sea all around us,
     Blue sky bright o'erhead
Every man to his duty,
     We have buried our dead!

Page 209 pictures a sea burial. in a painting by Anton Otto Fischer.

I'll never forget the dark moonless night I reported for midnight signal watch to relieve Clay Porter (QM2), and hear him tell me to "'. ..scratch the Hobson off my "Ship' s Present List!" The OMS Hobson had been cut in two by USS Wasp, and went down with over 100 sailors, including her Captain!! That night the ocean became very black and forbidding.

My best to you and everyone.


    Thank you for the latest Reunion information. I was saddened to hear of the recent deaths. I have a special fondness for Admiral Reich—he had me trained to be his “Special-Sea-Detail” helmsman when he found that I had a knack for steering the ship—perhaps my ancestral Viking genes had something to do with it. The original Norwegian name was “Kvale,” which my grandfather had changed to “Qually.” Perhaps I was born to be a sailor, since the Norwegian word “hval” means “whale!”

    I’m extremely sorry to hear the Admiral had the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. I treasure the letters I received from him some years ago, when we had a correspondence, he even remembered me!! I’m drafting a letter to Mrs. Reich, which will include a Petrarchan-style sonnet I’ve composed in his memory, (I still have to polish it up.)  I would really appreciate it if you would send me the Washington Post obituary you mention. If there is a way you could send me a list of the Admiral’s medals and awards I’ll put them into a colored ribbon display for you and the Reunion members, as I did for the Stoddard’s ribbons.

    I remember some fellow shipmates in your list of new members: Tony Bordonaro (SN), Carl Boris (MM2), Clyde Grindell (ET3), Dick Phillip (RM3), and Dave Willey (an Ensign in 1953). I agree with Dick Phillip concerning the wonderful baker that Rudy Sheptock had been.  During the icy cold mid-signal-watch, in the North Atlantic, we would sneak down to the bakery and con him out of a steaming hot loaf of bread, and a pound of butter—to this day, I think of those chunks of really hot bread dipped in the block of butter + coffee as one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. That’s my idea of “marlinspike seamanship.”

    Please congratulate Joe for the impressive award his company was given. I can appreciate that kind of technical achievement since I was a Chief Buyer of microwave components at Airborne Instruments Lab., Deer Park, NY, and also a Project Leader and Senior Subcontract Administrator at ITT Avionics, Nutley, NJ. My components (all classified) flew on AWACS, B-1, EA6B, etc. All total, about 30 years of my life was thereby consumed.

    Once again, I’ll be unable to attend the Reunion since my severe rheumatoid arthritis prevents me from traveling long distances. Since 1975 I’ve been on “gold therapy.” It’s put the disease into remission and it lets me lead a fairly normal life. My rheumatologist is a great guy and good friend. I don’t expect to be cured in my lifetime, but the “gold” is an efficient “stop-gap.”

    The Reunion updates and information with photos that you send to me are a superb substitute for actually being there. In any case my spirit is always there.

    Godspeed to you and all the Members.

    Below is Dean Qually's biography from
    USS Stoddard Tenth Reunion - 1998 in Charleston, SC:

      1948 - Joined DC National Guard and became a Corporal in anti-aircraft battery. We fired 40s and .50 caliber guns at Virginia Beach. At the time I was master-painter at the National Gallery.

      13 March 1951 - Joined regular Navy after receiving pre-induction notice for the army. Boot camp was in Newport, RI. After boot camp I was assigned to the USS Stoddard(l3 July 1951). I stood signal watch, Quartermaster watch, kept the H.O, charts and Light Lists, and was Special Sea Detail Helmsman until the fall of 1954 when I was transferred to the USS Stockham which was in Boston drydock for overhaul. I was petty officer in charge of section 3 in Charleston Yards, and stood signal watch for the sea trials. I was discharged from the Fargo Building in March 1955. My last rating was Quartermaster 2nd Class (due to my National Guard I also wore a "hash" mark). I received the Navy Good Conduct, Navy Occupation Service and the National Defense Service awards medal.

      I served under three skippers aboard the USS Stoddard:


      1. CDR Eli. T. Reich (now VAdm Ret'd)- Trained me to be his "Special Sea Detail Helmsman". Served in that capacity for next 2 Captains. He was Skipper of Sea Lion II and sunk the Japanese battleship Kongo in the South China Sea. CDR Reich was an officer on the original Sea Lion when it was sunk by Japanese at Cavite naval base on 12/8/41.
      2. CDR John Baumeister, Jr. - Force Communications Officer of the Naval Forces, Ruyukus, during the Okinawa campaign. He led us through two 6-month cruises as a member of the Sixth Fleet. During our Atlantic crossing in 1952, 1 had the midnight signal watch when the USS Hobson was sunk and I had to scratch her off the "Ships Present List."
      3. CDR John B. Nelson - Had been a gunnery officer on the ill-fated cruiser Houston when she was sunk in the Sunda Straits - he was a Japanese prisoner of war for 3 1/2 years. His story is told in "The Ghost That Died At Sunda Strait", by W.G. Winslow.

Quaschnick, David
10128 Sir Lancelot Drive
Santee, CA 92017-1172
Tel: 619-448-0631
Stoddard: 60-64; Ratings: MM2-LCdr

Quinn, George F.   (Peggy)
22 Frederick Drive
Wilmington, MA  01887
Tel: 978-658-8564
Service: 48-52
Stoddard: 50-52; Rating: FT3

Raffler, Larry - info removed at his request

Raichle, Hank (Virginia)
265 Waterford Way
Athens, GA 30606
Tel: 706-543-6881 
Service: 51 Mar-86 Sep
Stoddard: 52-55; Rating: SO2/CAPT 

After leaving the USS Stoddard, I attended the State University of New York at Oneonta and Florida State University. I taught general science in St. Petersburg, Florida at St. Petersburg Junior College and was a District Administrator in Pinellas County Florida Schools. I joined the Naval Reserve as a Ltjg. In 1962 and retired as Captain in 1986.

Rainbolt, Gene E
301 George Brown Rd
Hampton, TN 37658
Tel: 423-725-2823
Served 64/68 Rating QM3

Ramsey, Wayne L.
103 Jane Dr
Warner Robins, GA 31093
Tel: (478) 971-4225
Served 61/63 Rating RD1

Ranniko, Toivo
276 Waterford St
Gardner, MA 01440
Served 60/61 Rating SOG3

Rasmussen, Eugene D.  (LaVon)
139 North Park
Minden, NE  68959-1415
Tel: 308-832-1160
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: SK2

Rau, Wayne A
15323 N Franklin Ct
Spokane, WA 99208
Tel: 509-466-2699
Served 66/69 Rating SN

Rauh, John R.   (Carlene)
4337 S. Hwy 51
Perryville, MO  63775
Tel: 573-547-8523
Stoddard: 67 Oct - 68 Dec; Rating: SK3

    Served on board the Stoddard as a Storekeeper September 1967 through December 1968. Married my wife Carlene in 1967, I have two daughters and three lovely grandchildren. Enjoyed the Charleston Reunion very much. Looking forward to seeing old friends and the Seattle Reunion.

    Checkout the 1968 Cruise Book and other material from the Vietnam War, submitted by John to this Web site.

Reading, Joseph    (Barb)
701 Betty Jean Ave.
Bull Shoals, AR  72619
Tel: 870-445-4974
Stoddard: 63-66

Ready, Fred E.
846 1st St
Greenwood, NE 68366
Stoddard: 60-62; Rating: GM3

Reano, Peter J.   (Katherine)
1321 Carmen Ave.
Sheboygan, WI  53081
Tel: 920-452-7219
Stoddard: WWII 45Apr-46Jul; Rating: S1

    I did my boot camp training at Great Lakes, Illinois; my sonar training was at Key West, Florida. I was shipped to Oakland, CA and later went to Pearl Harbor where I was assigned to the Stoddard  when she was at Eniwetok in the Marshall lslands. My stay on the Stoddard continued through our stay at Yokosuka, Japan until she was de-commissioned at Charleston, SC. My wife and I were married in Charleston on April 20, 1946. We are celebrating this reunion in the city where we were married; this time our children are Joining us. My discharge was from Charleston, SC.

    After my return to Sheboygan, WI, our hometown, I attended four years at the University of Wisconsin (Class of 1950). My work years were with the Kohler Company in Kohler Wisconsin as a materials buyer for their government contract division (Precision Controls Division) and later the Plumbing & Specialty Products Division. I retired after 34 years with the Kohler Co. Our 52+ years of marriage resulted in five children - four daughters and one son. Our family includes now five grandchildren who reside in Torrance CA, Minneapolis MN, West Bend WI, Sheboygan WI and Bridgewater MA.

    Since retirement, I still work part-time at the American Club in Kohler - a five diamond hotel resort - where I greet guests, answer questions and do a variety of doorman duties. My hobbies are varied but I still play clarinet in concert bands, polka bands etc. I have been playing in various bands for almost 60 years.

    I first learned about the Stoddard reunions from my wife's brother who read of it in an VFW magazine. We attended the very first reunion of the Stoddard Alumni in North Platte, NE. Since then we have attended many, the last of which was Boston, MA in 1996.

Redard, Jr., Benjamin
24994 Wendell Dr
Hemet, CA 92544
Tel: 951-658-0809
Rating: BT3

Reeves, USN Ret’d, Claude L. (Melba)
2701 Pickett Road, #3030
Durham, NC 27705
Tel: 919-403-7566
Service: 57-58; CO (deceased. 10/30/02)

Was Executive Officer from the 56 cruise and CDR when he left Stoddard.

Reeves, Dwane
13010 Eberhard Rd
Lodi, CA 95420
Tel: 209-931-5022
Served 61/63 Rating FTG3

Reguera, Robert (Bob)
931 Cecilia Drive
Glen Ellen, CA 95442
Stoddard: 59-62 Rating: RM2

Reich, Eli T.
Service: Commanding Officer/Captain at Stoddard’s Re-Commissioning in 1951, Charleston SC (dec. 11/30/99)

Reid, Emil P  (Concetta)
PO Box 622
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Tel: 570-523-7094
Served 1955 Rating BT2

Reiss, Dennis
1104 E Market St
New Albany, IN 47150
Served 60/63 Rating FT2

Reposa, Duane
269 Bighorn Dr
Evanston, WY  82930
Tel: 307-789-1076
Sstoddard: 59-65; Rating: EM3

Ressler, Clair H
1601 Connecticut Ave
Marysville, MI 48040
Tel: 810-364-9440
Served 1955 Rating BM1

Restelli, Carl
5 North Road
Southington, CT 06489

Rex, Robert N.   (Bettie) (deceased August 13, 2002)
10542 Fremont Pike
Apt. 134
Perrysburg, OH  43552
Tel: 419-475-6178
E-mail: (daughter's)
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: BT3
(deceased August 13, 2002)

    Many times through the years I have thought about the Navy days and the men I have served with. Looking back, I realize we were a lucky ship. My rate was BT3c and my watch station was the after fire room. I have kept in touch with one shipmate who lives in Cleveland, we get together about once a year, but have lost track of all the others. 

    I am married and have two daughters. All live in Toledo. I worked for Sun Oil Co until retirement in 1977. We have a motor home and we travel in it quite a bit and really enjoy it.

  • 10-03-03  I''ve been receiving and printing out your e-mails for my dad, Robert N. Rex, who served during World War II with the Stoddard's first crew. I wanted to inform you that my dad passed away on August 13th. He lived in an assisted living apartment and while he'd been having more problems "getting around" and not feeling real well lately, his death, from a heart attack, came unexpectedly. I guess death always comes sooner than we'd like or expect doesn't it? But for him, I don't think it was so unexpected. He's with my mom - she died in March of last year and while making the best of things, I know he really missed her and I think was just biding his time. They were married almost 61 years. He and my mom attended several Stoddard Reunions when they were still able to travel so I thought there might be some folks who remember them. I've appreciated many of the e-mails you've sent and often share them with my Navy Veteran co-workers so, if it's OK, I'd like to stay on your e-mail list. Thanks to you all for your service.

    Regards, Robin S. Rex

Reynolds, George W. (Bill)
26951 Leport Street
Bonita Springs, FL  34135
Tel:  941-992-4708
Stoddard: 51, ret'd Cdr

Pictures received 04-21-01 of the Med cruise in the Summer/Fall of 1952.

Reynolds, George Wesley "Wes" (Wilhemina)
4317 Santa Monica Ave.
San Diego, CA 92107
Home: (619) 225-1063
Stoddard: 45-46 USS Rowe Rating: S0M/3c 

Reynolds, Ira
Stoddard: BT3 65/67

Rhinehart, Don (Barbara)
8430 North Valley Road
Greenville, CA 95947
Tel: 530-284-6588
Stoddard: 44-45; Rating: S1

    [ June 1, 2000 ]
    I joined the navy in June of 1944, and went through boot camp at Farragut, Idaho. After boot camp I was sent to Fire Control Operators School in For Lauderdale, Florida. I went aboard Stoddard at Ulithi in April 1945, just before we left for Okinawa. My watch station was the main director as pointer and some times as radar and range finder operator. My battle station when I first went aboard was on top of the main director as a lookout and later as range setter on the 40-mm director on the starboard side of the #2 stack. I left the Stoddard when we returned to San Diego in December of 1945. The rest of my time in the navy was spent at the AA Training Center Point Montara, CA.

    After separation from the navy, I went to school at Cal Poly (SLO) in Architectural Engineering. After 3 years I quit school, got married, and went to work in the public works department for what was then the Navy General Line School, and is now the Naval Post Graduate School at Monterey. After 2 years I returned to Cal Poly and completed my degree. I received my license to practice Architecture, in California, in 1959, and after 31 years I retired, and we moved to northeastern California. My wife and I have raised Arabian horses for many years and still have 2 mares that we bred and are now 16 years old. Beside the horses we like to play golf, do artwork and wood working, as well as have an interest in vintage British cars.
    These pictures were taken on the Stoddard during and right after WW II. I am unable to identify any of the subjects other than myself (front row center). jpg (84579 bytes) jpg (66453 bytes) jpg (59784 bytes)

Rhodes, Ronald T
1124 Oceanwood Drive S
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
Tel: 904-249-2175
Stoddard: 53-56 Rating: TE3

Richardson, Iliff David "Rich" (deceased October 10, 2002)
Houston, TX

Since the reunion, we learned from Bob Hoag that shipmate Iliff David "Rich" Richardson, WWII, died on October 10 at his home in Houston, TX; he was 83. May he rest in peace. His heroism battling the Japanese in the Philippine Islands after his PT boat was shot out from under him during World War II was memorialized in two books and two motion pictures (Tyrone Powers portrayed Rich in the film They were Expendable). The following published excerpts tell part of his heroic story. 

As a Navy lieutenant in the South Pacific before the United States entered the war, Mr. Richardson volunteered for John D. Bulkeley's "expendable" motor torpedo boat (or PT) Squadron 3 that in 1942 brought Gen. Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as the Japanese overtook the islands. The group's efforts were chronicled in the 1942 book by W.L. White, "They Were Expendable," and the 1945 motion picture of the same title directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne and Robert Montgomery as composites of the officers. 

After his plywood speedboat was destroyed by the Japanese when the enemy took control of the Philippines, Mr. Richardson and a dozen Americans set out in a native outrigger to sail the 1,300 miles to Australia. The boat sank in a storm. Richardson swam for 24 hours to the town of Cantilan on the Philippine island of Mindanao. For three years, he worked in the guerrilla movement based on Leyte, becoming chief of staff to its leader, Col. Ruperto Kangleon. It was the resourceful Mr. Richardson who set up the radio network that linked about 50 guerrilla bands operating in the islands and served as "the light that led MacArthur back to the Philippines." He also mapped minefields laid by the Japanese in Leyte Gulf to ease MacArthur's return & recapture of the strategic islands. 

Warring on the sea and in the jungle, Mr. Richardson earned the odd distinction of becoming both a Naval and Army officer. He was a Navy lieutenant, graduated from Officer Candidate School at Northwestern University, and, because of his guerrilla efforts, was designated by MacArthur as an Army major in intelligence. Mr. Richardson received many decorations. Mr. Richardson recorded his own version of his story, typewriting a 152- page diary -- in duplicate -- of his guerrilla years as he lived them. One copy went to the Navy and was returned to him after the war. The second was buried by priests in a Mindanao churchyard and given after the war to another PT boat sailor, Robert D. Hostetter. In 1986, Hostetter returned the diary to Mr. Richardson during a PT boaters' reunion in Portland, Ore. 

T.L. Morgan writes: I knew him (Rich) as I was on the PT-31 in the group that went to Asia shortly before the war started. If you ever saw the movie They Were Expendable, I was the port gunner that was blown overboard on the 31 boat! We cross trained, and even though I was a Machinist Mate, I manned the port guns. We were sunk in Subic Bay and swam ashore. That area was behind Japanese front lines, but we "confiscated" two boats from the Japs and managed to get back to friendly territory. I guess there are not many of this group left now. Some time back I was told there were about seven out of the whole squadron!

Mr. David Truby is looking for shipmates with more information about Rich. He can be contacted at 724-349-8843 or email at

Richardson, Gary  
Box 355
Downey, ID  83234
Tel: 208-897-5328
Stoddard: 69; Rating: FTC

Richman, Earl V. (Vivian)
4877 N. Farmstead Ct.
Wichita, KS 67220
Tel: 316-744-7084
Rating: FC/3c

Riggs, Richard (Rick)    (Susan)
9280 N. Ste. Rte. 42
Waynesville, OH  45068
Tel: 513-897-3337
Stoddard: 64 Nov - 68 May; Rating: FTG2

Ringler, Arnold H
9211 Standing Creek Ln
San Antonio, TX 78230
Rank LTjg
Retired as LCDR

Risk, Ronald
3902 Pearl Ave.
Tampa, FL 33611

Rizek, Paul H
P.O. Box 2426
Spring Valley, CA 91979
Served 54/56 Rating BM3

Rizzolo, Daniel J.
The Forum 3509 W95th St.
Overland Park, KS 66206
Tel: 913-642-7760
Service: 39-45
Stoddard: 44-45; Rating: Y1

    I enlisted in late 1939, did my training in Newport, RI. Lived for two weeks on the oldest man-o-war afloat - the US Frigate Constellation. Then was assigned to the USS Breckenridge (DD-148), on neutrality patrol off the New England coast. Spent 10 months on her then transferred to the USS Ellis (DD-154). Spent close to 4 years on her. Had a very short time with the Aerological unit. Spent two weeks in Gander Lake, Labrador with the Eskimo. Then in August 1941 Commander John B. Heffeman, Destroyer Div. 60 commander, brought me back to the USS Ellis; there I remained until December 1943. I was assigned to the USS Stoddard after that.

    While on the USS Ellis, we ran British convoy to Iceland, patrolled the east coast. The Ellis got an Italian submarine. Chased the U-boats to Brazil, then to north Africa and the Mediterranean and back to the north Atlantic.

    After discharge from the Navy, I went into the merchant marine; started as a purser for the US Lines. After three years, went to work for the Marine Department of Standard Oi1 (now Exxon). Stayed with them for 24 years until my retirement in 1973.

    In my retirement, I am a boat captain, part time commercial fisherman, active in the VFW, and conduct memorial services at sea every Memorial Day. President Reagan sent me a letter in recognition for these services.

Robinson, Joseph V.   (Jerilyn)
200 Garvin St
Punta Gorda, FL  33950
Tel: 941-637-9798;  Fax: 941-637-4675
Stoddard: 51 Jul - 54 Dec; Rating: SN
Deceased 11/22/03

    (11/22/02)   Punta Gorda couple found dead in home...  robinson.jpg (35857 bytes)

    I was 20 years old when I boarded the Stoddard in 1951. The Navy took me to places I had never dreamed about. I still remember the tours to St. Marks Square and Venice, the French Riviera and Gibraltar. The traveling and friendships started on the USS Stoddard are among my fondest memories. The sinking of the Hobson under the Wasp's bow is another event that I will never forget.

    After the service, I worked in the elevator repair industry for over thirty years. I have been married to my wife, Jerilyn, for 32 years and we are currently living in Punta Gorda, Florida. We are enjoying retirement and have never found the time to be bored. I enjoy exercising at our local gym and I manage to play at least one round of golf each week.

    We look forward to the Stoddard reunions each year. It is a chance to renew friendships and to make new ones. I served with a great bunch of guys on the Stoddard and time and age has not diminished the camaraderie we enjoyed.

Robinson, Neil (Robbie) D.   (Charlene)
2401 Acorn Lane
Ceres, CA  95307-1903
Tel: 209-537-4677
Service: 51-55
Stoddard: 53-54; Rating: HM3 / HM1

    I joined the US Navy in June 1951, and was assigned to the USS Stoddard May 1953 to March 1954 with the rank of HM3. I left military service in June 1955 with the rank of HM3. I taught secondary school from 1956 through 1990, when I retired. My wife Charlene and I have two daughters and 2 grandchildren. We are enjoying our retirement. We are not able to join you at the reunion this year, but send our good wishes to everyone.

Roemke, Walter G.   (Dee)     (deceased 2003)
4015 Willshire E Drive
Fort Wayne, IN  46815-5335
Tel: 219-486-7393
Service: 43-52
Stoddard: 2/51-5/52; Rating: GM1

    Walt's Personal Story - I enlisted in 1943 and was assigned to boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, Co. 399. I served on both the USS Thornton (AVD-II, formerly DD-270) and the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (DD-850). Was on the commissioning crew of the USS JP Kennedy out of Boston Navy yard, shakedown at Gt'mo and assigned mount 52, a twin 5", and achieved the rank of GM2. After discharge in 1946, worked for Horton Manufacturing Co., maker of washing machines and ironers. In 1947, married my first wife Donna with whom we had two daughters--Karen and Kaylyn. After reserve cruises on the USS Macon (CA-32) and USS Weeks (DD-701), I requested and was approved as a station keeper in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I achieved the rank of GM1. I returned to inactive duty, but was recalled to active duty in 1951, to the USS Stoddard which was undergoing reactivation in Charleston, SC. My duties were to oversee the 5" battery-upper handling rooms and magazines, train helmsmen, serve master-at-arms, and to shakedown at Gt'mo, again. After discharge in 1952, I returned to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

    I was Chief of the Fort Wayne fire department in 1972, retired from the Fire Department in 1973, served on the Indiana Fire Prevention Commission from 1974-1982, served as trustee on the state of Indian Lions Eye Bank from 1974- 1977. After the Fire Department, I worked for Means Cadillac, retiring in 1988.

    I am a member of the American Legion, VFW, DAV, Lions International, Eagles, Moose, Tin Can Sailors, US Naval Memorial Foundation, among others. My wife Donna passed away in 1991. I married my beautiful wife Dolores (Dee) in 1993 and we have been enjoying the Stoddard reunions together.


    WALTER G. ROEMKE, 78, died Monday, May 19, 2003 at home. Born in Woodburn, he was a firefighter from 1950 to 1973, retiring in 1973 as Fire Chief with the Fort Wayne Fire Dept. He was a U.S. Navy Veteran during W.W. II and Korean War and also worked in the Parts Dept. at Fitzgerald Cadillac for 13 years. He was appointed by Governor Bowen to two terms in the Indiana State Fire Prevention Commission, was State Director of Indiana Lions Eye Bank and a member of the following: Queen of Angels Catholic Church, Tin Can Sailors & NAM League, V.F.W. Post 857 Jim Eby Post, American Legion Post 82, Washingtown Township Lions Club, National Rifle Association, Johnny Apple-seed Eagles 3512, Queen of Angels Holy Name Society, Concerned Citizens Crime Watch and Korean War Veterans Association Indiana Chapter #1. He volunteered at Embassy and Parkview Hospital and was a founder of the Fort Wayne Fire Fighter's Museum.

    Survivors include his wife, Dolores of Fort Wayne; two daughters, Karen J. Roemke of Arcata, Calif. and Kaylynn Mannen of Fort Wayne; step-daughter, Kelly Poulos of Arlington, Texas; and two grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, five brothers, four sisters and his first wife, Donna. Mass of Christian Burial is 11 a.m. Saturday, with calling one hour prior, at Queen of Angels Catholic Church, 1500 W. State Blvd. Calling also from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday with Vigil Service at 4:30 p.m. at D.O. McComb & Sons Maplewood Park Funeral Home, 4017 Maplecrest Road. Burial in Catholic Cemetery with Military Graveside Rites conducted by American Legion Post 82. Memorials to Parkview Home Health Care and Hospice or donor's choice. Published in the Fort Wayne Newspapers on 5/21/2003.

    05-27-03   Joe and Marilyn went to Fort Wayne Friday to pay final respects to Walt and to express the condolences of all the USS Stoddard shipmates to Dee and family. We brought a red, white and blue bouquet from the group. It was a very sad moment for us. Walt was laid in peace, but it was evident that he had lost a tremendous amount of weight. The firemen posted an honor guard beside the casket through the visitation hours, and there was an endless line of friends and associates making the call. We met Walt's two daughters Karen and Kaylene, Dee's daughter Kelly, several spouses, cousins, and in-laws all contributing to a warm and loving family, the type of family we all knew that Walt was a part of. Several were at Walt's bedside when he spoke and breathed his last. Prominent among the photos which Dee had selected and posted for special memories were Walt's Navy days, and photos from the Reunions. We stayed through the prayer service conducted by their pastor before heading back to Columbus.

    Dee was greeting all the guests with daughter Kelly by her side. She was so happy to see us and know that all her Stoddard friends were sending their prayers and thoughts. Several had called her earlier. She was very touched. Walt asked her during his final hours to attend the reunions and be with their friends, and she said she would do so. Let's all make an effort to let her know that she is "family" and we want her to join us at our annual events. Joe and Marilyn Harpster 

Rogers, Vernon Kaye (Teresa)
540 North 161st Ave
Goodyear, AZ  85388
Tel: 623-932-5638
Stoddard: 64-68; Rating: RD

Rolling, Alvin (deceased 1966)

Alvin Roling served on the USS Stoddard in WWII, both in Alaska and in Nagasaki, Japan, after the A-bomb was dropped there. I got this information from his son Loyd Roling, who is very interested in this period of his Dad's life. Loyd was in his early teens when Alvin Roling was killed in a logging accident in July of 1966, apparently near Amana, Iowa. Alvin's family lived in Anamosa, Iowa. He was said to have been profoundly affected by the scenes of A-bomb destruction he saw in Japan after walking through the area. I presume he served on the Stoddard at least for the years 1944 & 1945. I hope this will help you add another name to your fine list of shipmates. My cousin Loyd is very interested in hearing from anyone that knew his Dad. Alvin was my mother's brother. 

Yours Truly,
Ken Wessels

Romack, Jay H.   (Mary Lou)
335 Louise Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46217-4107
Tel: 317-887-1800
Service: 48-53
Stoddard: 51 Feb - 52 Dec; Rating: YNSN

    Assigned the engineering dept. - engineering yeoman's ID the "Hog Room." Volunteered as a "plane guard rescue swimmer." Plank Owner of the "Recommissioning of Stoddard" in 1951. Apparently, I liked being in uniform - joined the Indiana State Police in 1955 and retired as captain after 25 years of service. Attended night school while a trooper and received my AS and BS form Indiana University. While in the department, served as a member of I-EOD (explosive ordnance disposal squad), emergency response team (SWAT) and as a diver on the underwater search and recovery team.

    My wife Mary Lou and I have three sons: #1 son Steven Wayne recently retired form the ISP (Sgt) on disability from a Line of Duty injury. He is a graduate of Oakland City University and is also a major in the Indiana National Guard, with 26 yrs of service. He has three daughters form his first marriage and two stepdaughters from his second marriage. #2 son James Curtis has 17 years experience in the Law Enforcement Crime Lab and the Hospital Lab environment. He graduated form Indiana Central University. Jim is married and has 2 boys. #3 son Robert Alien is a manager and tax attorney with Anderson. He graduated from Indiana Central University and IU Law School. He is married and has two stepchildren - a boy and a girl. I have recently completed a wood working shop, and am looking forward to many years of having fun making things.

    Have strong and lasting feeling for my Stoddard shipmates. I feel the Stoddard was truly "blessed" - numerous serious situations happened, near as shortly after our departure - i.e., fatal fires at Gt'mo, sinking of the Hobson, mine field (9 miles) at Sprit Yugoslavia where (carrier) delivered jet aircraft to "Tito". I look forward to each reunion hoping to see more shipmates arrive to join the "old timers."

Rogerson, R G
875 Sunset Cliffs Dr
San Diego, CA 92107
Tel: 619-222-3713
Served 66/67 Rank CDR {served as Captain}
(Retired as Rear Admiral)

Romand, T. A.
30 Osborne Road
Albany, NY  12205
Tel: 518-459-2821

Romanwich, Walter  
255 Tucker Ave, Apt 341
Union, NJ  07083
Stoddard: 51

Romig, Phil
2032 Goldenvue Drive
Golden, CO 80401-1725
Tel: 303-279-496
Stoddard: 60-62; Rating: Lt jg

Rooks, Nolan C
4326 Pine River Rd
St Louis, Michigan 48880
Tel: 989-681-3671
Served 55/56 Rating GM3

Roosa, James
60 Red Maple Ln
Keswick, VA 22947
Tel: 434-245-7086
Rating: SO3

Rooth, Kenneth
2500 Alder St # 17
Milton, WA 98354
Tel: 253-925-0881
Rating: SN

Rose, Don    (Delores)
408 Main Street
Roundup, MT  59072-2755
Tel: 406-323-2435
Stoddard: WWII PO

Rostek, Leonard J.   (Helen)
501 Hollowbrook Court
Terre Haute, IN  47803-9747
Tel: 812-877-2683
Stoddard: WWII, service 40 yrs

    Aboard the ship I was a 2c water tender in the forward fireroom and played on the ship's basketball team. It was so long ago that now it seems like a dream. After WWII I returned to my job on the railroad and stayed in the Naval Reserve. I went back on active duty during the Korean War and ended up with a total of 7 years active duty. In 1983, on my 60th birthday, I retired from the railroad with 43 years of service (counting Navy time). At the time of retirement I was a locomotive engineer running between Indianapolis and St. Louis, on through freight. I also retired from the Naval Reserve with 40 years and the rate of Master Chief Boiler Technician (old water tender rate).

    I married in 1947, Helen and I have two children. Since retiring we have traveled extensively, visiting all seven continents, and spending a lot of time visiting our children and grandchildren in the Carolinas.

Rotsaert, Thomas P
1696 Sorensen St
River Falls, WI 54022
Tel: 715-425-6565
Served 1960 {Sonar training on the Stoddard} SO3

Rowell, Michael J.
4903 Norton Dr
Killeen, Texas 76542
Stoddard: 1969; Rating: FT

Roy, Norman F. -deceased
724 Duncan St
Ishpening, MI  49849-1006
Tel: 906-486-8263
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: GM3

It is with deep sorrow that I report to you the death of; Norman Roy GM 3th class Ishpeming, Mi. WW2 plank owner Died on March 23rd (2002). A good and faithful sailor on the Stoddard. I'll will miss him. I hope to see you at the reunion in San Diego, in October. Sincerely Yours, Joe Navarre

    I was a gunners mate aboard the USS Stoddard. After the war and discharge from the Navy, I attended Michigan Tech University and Michigan State University. From 1949 to 1954, I worked in the iron mines; from 1954 to 1960, in World Wide Construction. From 1960 to 1986 I worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers in construction, inspection and design. I retired in 1987.

Ruberti, Joe J.
4 Dorset Place
Newtown, PA  18940-1706
Tel: 215-579-9157
Stoddard: WWII

Rubincam, Paul
2420 Via Rivera
Palos Verdes, CA 90274
Stoddard: 61-63; Rating: Lt jg

Rubner, Tony C
3201 River Park Ln #922
Ft. Worth TX 80146
Tel: 817-989-7268
Stoddard: 65-66; Rating: OSSN

[ Email received 10/11/00 ]
I graduated from University of Colorado at Denver in August receiving a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

This adds to my Master of Science in Business Management from Florida Institute of Technology in 1991. I received a BSEE in 1973 from CU with the help of my GI bill.

I retired from the Navy Reserve off the USS Antrum (FFG 20) in 1989 as OS Chief with 28 years service.

I have been working at Lockheed Martin Transportation Systems for five years now, designing Intelligent Transportation Systems. These systems monitor traffic and help local and state agencies coordinate incident resolution. My past life includes work in transportation, construction, aerospace, and product development.

All is well with my family. I married my high school sweetheart 33 years ago, and we had two children. The children are married, and I have 3 grandchildren: Christa (14), Julie (7), and Andrew (5). My mom still lives in the house where I grew up, but my dad died eight years ago. My eight sisters and two brothers are still alive and well.

I am unable to attend the reunion in Florida this year. My son has been asking me to go hunting for years and the trip was set up before I found about the reunion.

If you go say hi to all

Ruck, Dean R.
1322 N 4th St
Chillicothe, IL  61523
Tel: 309-274-4723
Stoddard: WWII PO (deceased 04/28/01)

Ruddy, Dewayne
N2957 County Rd E
Redgranite, WI 54970
Served 55/57 Rating SF1

747 S. Amalia Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90022

Ruman, Radford A.
27 S. DeSoto St.
Beverly Hills, FL 34465
Tel: 352-746-3603
Rating: FT3

Runkle, Jack F.
4548 NE Indian Creek Rd
Topeka, KS  66617
Tel: 913-286-1862 (deceased 03/30/93)
Stoddard: WWII PO

I am sorry to have to inform you that Jack died March 30 of cancer. He was very proud of his service time and his ship. When watching anything pertaining to the Pacific war zone, he always watched for the USS Stoddard numbers and thought once he saw it.
Grace Runkle

Rupert, Harold    (Bev)
2451 W. Candy Apple CT
New Middleton, OH 44442
Tel: 330-542-0962
Stoddard: 51-54; Rating: MM

Rusch, Martin
74 Bobbink Ter
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Tel: 201-939-4952
Rating: RD3

Rush, Melvin
245 Mushrom Dr
Bayfield, CO 81122
Tel: 970-884-4320
Fax 970-884-7723
Served 58/62 Rating SO3

Russell, Marvin D.
4522 Old Lake Rd
Jackson, MS  39212-5880

Russo, Lorenzo Sr.
1148 Hilton Ave
Utica,NY 13501
Tel: 315-733-5034
Stoddard:  Rating: QM1/C

Ryan, Douglas
2150 Lakewood Dr
San Jose, CA  95132
Tel: 408-263-4808
Stoddard: WWII PO {Deceased 1995}