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press here for jun-jul 1965
steps to make money on amazon 1   set gq at 04:30 for more shore bombardment. went to church call at 10:00. holiday routine all day. underway on patrol, then got emergency message to provide gunfire support to marines under fire by viet cong. it was a real fireworks. we didn't fire because of no communications with spotter. two hours later back on patrol. pdf file
  2   came into port in morning, i worked on the ships entertainment system. messed with tape recorders all day. transmitted taped music throughout the ship with a modulated signal generator.
looking for plane (29776 bytes) 3   came in port in the morning. got an emergency call to pick up a jet pilot at sea 15 miles from danang. steamed at 25kts and found nothing. a small plane was circling the area. a uscg cutter joined the search. re-armed from the uss rainer. in port for an hour, then on patrol again.
jpg (21549 bytes) 4   sat in monkey cove all day in support of marines. no firing. got message to proceed to danang harbor. vietcong blew up the esso fuel depot tanks and we fired 408 rounds at them. pdf file
jpg (37266 bytes) 5   in harbor all day. steamed on patrol all night.
  6   in harbor all morning and took on more food. payday today. steamed all night.
  7   field day in morning. worked on ecm receiver. holiday routine in afternoon. refueled from uss taluga in the evening.
phantom coming home  (23648 bytes) 8 plane guard  (34613 bytes) refueled again from taluga in the morning. re-armed from uss vesuvius in the afternoon. refueled again from the uss hasewampa at 20:00. joined with the uss independence, cva-62.
forward from port stack  (41621 bytes) 9   air ops in the morning, then broke off and steamed for subic bay at 13:00 at 25kts.
jpg (34037 bytes) 10   arrived subic bay at 17:00
  11   work in port.
  12   dental exam on uss jason. had 12 cavities and 3 wisdom teeth to be pulled.
  13   had one big cavity filled. had the department party at the bayview club.
  14 wx- was cool with rain. had the 12:00-16:00 watch.
  15   went to grande island all day
  16   had 2 more teeth filled. went scrounging for parts in the evening.
  17   underway for hong kong at 07:00. had an anti-aircraft firing at noon. on water hours due to evaporator problems, again. pdf file
signal bridge / forward stack  (47571 bytes) 18   still underway
stoddard-joseph strauss  (67148 bytes) 19   arrived at hong kong 09:00. had the 08:00-12:00 pow. wrote letters most of the day. a guy came aboard today selling cars. i can get a 66 chevelle malibu super sport for $2400 and have it delivered for $70. [i didn't get one]
jpg (37759 bytes) 20   went to hong kong, ordered another suit and shirts, then to kowloon. had a massage. went to a silk shop and got some shirts and a robe.
tiger balm gardens
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21   walked around town. got fitted for the suit. visited the tiger balm gardens. back to ship by 19:00. cleaned out my locker.
  22   had the duty and worked on the ships entertainment system again.
hong kong harbor
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23   went to kowloon and picked up shirts and robe. ate supper and looked around.
  24   underway at sun-up. ted transmitter blower motor bearings went out. worked on that all day. evaporators down again, so water hours in effect. sps-6c radar down. everyone worked on it all night.
  25   worked on radar again. still on water hours. re-fueled from the uss cimmeron. acting as plane guard with independence.
  26 e-mailreceived
from web viewer
worked on radar some more. got another et from the uss braine. signal generator crapped out but ops wouldn't let us get another. planes left for air strikes about midnight. pdf file
phantoms on "i"  (40926 bytes) 27 hot again. worked on the radar again. plane guard with independence. jets returned from strikes about noon.
  28   casrep the sps-6. worked on the grc-27 in the evening.
  29   worked on the urc-32 #1 in the morning. holiday routine. worked on the tbl transmitter in the afternoon. steak fry on the fantail tonight.
  30   refueled from the uss caliente and resupplied from the uss pollux, aks-4 at 1900.
  31 wx was cloudy but hot plane guard and steaming as usual.
steps to make money on amazon 1 wx rainy all day. the sea was rough but tolerable. received word to steam independently to south of saigon for ngfs (night gunfire support).
  2   steamed all day for the saigon river. arrived in evening and after dark started shooting.  secured about 23:00. ptf file
  3   up at 05:00. got underway to north to refuel. refueled from taluga, then steamed south for ngfs again. secured about 20:30. pdf file
  4   up early shooting again. then steaming north to join the carrier again. in typhoon polly. even some of the "old salts" are seasick. pdf file
  5   had plane guard today. refueled from taluga. got all kinds of mail. helo lost one bag of stoddard mail yesterday. underway in evening for 30 hrs of ngfs.
  6   arrived at delta of river and held ngfs on viet cong training center, other buildings, junks and sampans. in afternoon more firing on infiltration areas.
  7   fired from 09:00-12:00 then headed back for carrier. in last two days firing we destroyed 52 structures and 6 junks. refueled and replenished with food. pdf file
palm springs  (43401 bytes) 8   rearmed in the morning and worked on grc-27. ropeyard sunday in pm. flying fish washed up on the deck today. pdf file
  9   steamed with the big "i" on plane guard.
  10   steamed independently to join the uss oriskany, cva-31.
  11   joined the big "o". took on 27 airdales & 2800# of cargo to be transferred to the uss midway. refueled from the carrier. joined the midway in the afternoon and transferred the personnel and cargo. pdf file
  12   joined the "i"( uss independence). worked on a red receiver. "cno" was on the carrier today. all of the lifers were "sweating it". everyone had to have on a clean white tee shirt and a blue ball cap or not come topside. refueled from the uss ashtabula, ao-51. the cog plane crashed and sunk today from the carrier. we picked up wreckage. tonight's bingo is $132 in 52 numbers at $1 per card. just had a frosty shasta "imitation black cherry" soda. it hit the spot. only 395 days until discharge. pdf file
  13   steamed with carrier on plane guard. no mail
  14 wx- hot. worked on r-390 receivers. still with carrier. mail call today.
  15 wx-cool and rainy. 06:00 temp was 72deg. mail call today. worked on r-390s again. movies tonight was "cleopatra"  refueled about 18:30 today from cimeron. detached from the carrier to proceed north to join galveston on s&ss (surface and sub surface)  patrol. finally a variety in something to drink. for weeks, nothing but lemon aid for lunch and dinner. now we are getting iced tea. we have resorted to mixing chocolate syrup with sterilized milk, making it quite drinkable.
  16   still steaming north. cold morning again. worked on r-390s today. joined the uss braine to transfer guard mail. had a good steak supper.
  17 warm day still on s&ss patrol.
  18   worked on r-390s in morning. holiday routine in afternoon.
  19   refueled with the uss navasota in the morning. started ecm watches in cic. ecm down, but stood it anyway. mail call today.
  20   had 2 ecm watches in cic. steaming on s&ss station. have been operating between n. vietnam and hai non island, investigating un-identified contacts that enter the gulf area. saw a bunch of nationalist chinese fishing boats. also a russian trawler which has been operating in the area without re-plentishing or refueling or even stopping for 90 days .they are apparently being refueled and re-supplied undetected by submarine. pdf file
  21   slept in this morning. had a midwatch. refueling in afternoon from navasota. mail call today. left yankee station at 19:00 for yokuska, japan.
  22   steaming to japan. having engineering drills. steamed to a position where a jet crashed and sunk. a seaplane came to rescue crew but couldn't take off. we took the crew aboard.
  23   transferred jet crew to carrier by helicopter. more drills in the afternoon. got up at 23:30 to work on the spa-8 master.
  24   went to bed at 06:30. up for chow. had drills in afternoon. 84 days to san diego. (scheduled arrival on dec. 16th.
  25   up early for refueling. had a sleeve shoot in afternoon. loran down. passed bataan island off of taiwan island.
  26   sunday. more drills. worked on loran during the night.
  27   on the 1st leg to yokosuka. laid off the coast all night.
  28   came in port and tied in stream with ingersol, braine, orlick, wilson to the piedmont. worked on a patch panel in radio 1.
sailng into the sunset  (44433 bytes) 29   took grc-27 to motu-7 and worked on that. had duty and the 20:00-24:00 pow.
  30 wx is cool. worked on the grc-27 again. aligning r-390s.
press here for oct-nov 1965

can you get paid for leaving reviews

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