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press here for aug-sep 1965
get paid to write fake yelp reviews ama 1   worked on equipment all day.
  2   went to a-33 and ordered china dishware for mom. another day of working on gear.
petersen and withers
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3   went on tokyo tour. went to tokyo tower, japanese tea house for dinner, olympic grounds and shrine to the dead. then to the kokusue theater where i saw the most beautiful music-dance show. the theater was huge.
  4   worked on the teletype system and took r-390 receiver sensitivity tests. had a working party in the evening hauling stores.
  5 warm day finished receiver tests.
  6   worked all day. had the 04:00-08:00 watch.
  7   went on another tour to adjacent cities and up in the hills.
  8   worked on equipment.
  9   shore patrol on base.
  10   tried to get underway. had engineering problems and was towed back to port. pdf file
  11   tried to get underway again, but couldn't.
  12   still not underway. had shore patrol again.
  13   finally underway. headed to okinawa to refuel.
  14 very rough seas happy birthday to me. almost got seasick.
naha, okinawa
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15   pulled into naha, okinawa to refuel. underway again about 14:30. the sps-10 radar went down at 21:15. the ships main power panel blew up and burned up. steam everywhere. we are sitting dead in the water. pdf file
  16 16 wx is fair. steaming as usual.  passed the battan islands. holiday routine.
  17 wx- is sunny and partly cloudy. holiday routine in morning and gq and drills in the afternoon. now in radio contact with the carrier.
  18 wx- rainy and seas rough. joined the carrier. refueled from ao-46 and boy were there lots of greenies. i read in today's paper from the carrier that there are a lot of demonstrations concerning getting troops out of viet nam back home.
  19 wx - partly cloudy and sea very rough. had anti submarine ops all day with uss cusk. rolled heavy all day.
  20 wx - very nice. back with the carrier and plane guard all day. refueled from uss haseampa, ao-104. on water hours again. the crew is only allowed 6000 gallons per day.
  21 wx- sunny and sea choppy. independent steaming exercises (ise). worked on a r-390 and urc-32.
  22   anti submarine ops with uss cusk, ss-388. lots of heavy rolls.
  23   saturday. plane guard all day. wx - hot and sunny, sea calm. in evening took on 30 bags of mail and such for transfer.
  24   steamed alone up to the tonkin gulf and rendezvoused with the uss safeguard, a sub salvage ship. gave them their first mail in 3 months. also some flour. saw a russian trawler nearby. later joined the uss gridley, dlg-21 and transferred mail and 2 officers. had a steak fry on the fantail. caught back up with the carrier. pdf file
  25 wx- hot and calm. spent day i.s.e. started working on r-390 with vfo problems.
  26 wx- very hot and no wind. plane guard today. worked on the r-390 all day.
  27   asw operations with the uss cusk, two helos and one asw aircraft.
  28 wx- hot and calm. ise today
  29 wx- hot and water smooth as glass. plane guard today. showed the movie "the train". beautiful sight after dark with the stars reflecting on the water.
  30   refueled this morning. worked on an ecm antenna all afternoon. hit the rack early.
  31   reveille at 04:30. refueled at 06:00. replentished from uss pollux later. worked on ecm antenna part of the day. hit the rack early.
get paid to write fake yelp reviews ama 1 wx- hot all day. operated on plane guard. worked on ecm antenna. just ask if i have 349 days left, or 300 with a college cut...!
  2 wx - hot with calm sea. ise today. worked on ecm antenna. got ecm up. evening movie was "55days to peking."
  3   revelie at 03:30 to set the replenishments detail and take supplies and 3rd class mail from the uss mt. kotmai.
  4   up at 01:00 to refuel. received a schedule change. headed for sasebo, japan. detached from carrier.
  5 wx- fair. steaming independently to sasebo.
  6 wx- terrible, seas terrible. holiday routine in pm. hit rack and slept. grc-27 down about 21:30, worked until 24:00. servo working wrong. seas calmed down later in the night.
  7 wx- stormy and seas rough. no signs of sickness yet. about 70 miles east of formosa, heading north. sky cleared in afternoon. riding the trough so plenty of rolling.
  8 wx-partly cloudy and warm, seas calm. held a field day on ship. no one knows where we are supposed to be due to 4 different schedule changes.
ingersoll dd-652  (51625 bytes) 9   arrived sasebo in the morning. had on base liberty. went to navy exchange. ship refueled and took on stores. left port with uss ingersole and uss cimmeron in evening for home. pdf file
  10   steaming in circles this morning, trying to decide where to go. finally left to join the uss midway.
11   steaming and refueling.
dehaven dd-727  (30998 bytes) 12 wx- cool and much more comfortable. joined with the uss dehaven dd-727. last night for movies. it was "days of wine and roses." wearing a dungaree shirt during the day and using a blanket at night. ship rolling 20-30degs and junk keeps rolling around. met the midway in the night. 13 days to go.
  13   05:30 reveille to refuel at 09:00. holiday routine  in the afternoon. steaming faster now that the oiler is gone.
  14 wx- fair. steaming as usual north of the marshall islands.
  15   wx- seas getting rougher
  16 wx- very windy and rough. only spent a few hours. steaming as usual. refueled from carrier at 19:00. crossed the idl this morning.
  17 wx- gettin worse. ship is rolling very heavy. waves 20-25'. trays and cups jumped around on the tables on mess deck. forward gun mount damaged from water. now north of the hawaiian islands. getting stateside am broadcast stations tonight. one of the loudest was kex in portland, or. didn't sleep very good.  pdf file
  18 wx- roughest yet. greenies over the bridge and 01 level. too rough to go forward. had a rough weather refueling with the uss chipola. it took 3 hours to rig. used winch to pull rigging. pdf file
mail call  (42467 bytes) 19 wx- broken clouds and sunny. finished refueling at first light.  seas still rough, but not rolling so bad. midway flew a jet into pearl harbor to pick up the mail. had a big mail call in the evening.
  20 wx- rough again and partly cloudy. worked on ura-8 all day. at midnight only 1550 miles to go. got channel fever. notified of approval on 30 day leave from 3 dec to 3 jan.
  21   sunday refueled at first light from midway. at 11:00 detached from carrier. stoddard, ingersol, dehaven and wilson steaming to san diego at 23 kts. at 2300 we were 1200 miles from san diego. ate midrats.

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