Vietnam Unrep Videos -'67 from the USS Zelima, AF-49

(Added 02-28-2012) Hi Dan, here are the videos that I promised you. I was first aboard the Kitty Hawk, CVA-63 in 3rd Div as a BM, then transferred to OPS in the photography lab. That's where my photography interest started. After some shore duty at Miramar I ended up on the USS Zelima, AF-49. I got there with a 35mm camera. Super 8 movie film had been out for maybe a year or two. One day while at the Navy Exchange at Yokuska I picked up this Super 8 movie camera. What sold me on that camera was the huge teleconverter that would screw over the existing lens, so you could get insane zooms. Bigger is better huh? I enjoyed the technical aspects of filming and partially because I grew up watching Victory at Sea so I wanted to capture this history for some unknown reason at the time.

Allen Longhofer

USS Stoddard, DD-566 and USS Providence, CLG-6 (3 min, 12 sec/168MB)

USS Collet, DD-370 and USS Canberra, CAG-2 (2 min, 52 sec/153MB)
No Stoddard here, just fun to watch.